This page is updated daily by a script. The data below was acquired starting at Sat Jul 11 00:00:01 2020 UTC.

This page shows the IPv6 capability status for the main websites of the Fortune 500 companies.

The data is gathered by first screen-scraping the 500 web sites from which purports to have links to the Fortune 500 at . However, at the time of writing, there are only 494 names listed there. The names are listed alphabetically, not in Fortune500 order, further degrading the usefulness of the data presented. To make matters worse, any company with "The" in the name is listed under "T". The page appears to be maintained by hand rather than generated. The site names are then checked for AAAA records via the raw name and also www.. For sites which have an AAAA record, a further test is done to see if a web server answers at that name using LWP from an IPv6 source address.

Each column is tallied and totals (and percentages) are shown at the bottom of the table.
Company Web Site AAAA Site answers IPv6   200   200   200   200   200   200   200   403   200   200   200   200   200   200   200   200   200   500   200    
  Total: 103 19 (18.44 %) 18 (17.47 %)

Data acquisition completed at Sat Jul 11 00:00:54 2020 UTC